In 2012, 20th Century Fox’s option on making a Daredevil movie was expiring. Instead of just letting the rights revert back to Marvel, the studio decided to make one last effort to do Ol’ Horn Head justice. To do this, Fox initially hired director David Slade (30 Days of Night) to adapt the iconic “Born Again” storyline for the big screen, completely rebooting the character after 2003’s dreadful original. Unfortunately, due to Slade’s commitment to NBC’s Hannibal, he wasn’t able to make the deadlines the studio needed, despite a reportedly solid script being in place.

Just as quickly as Slade left, director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) entered the picture. Carnahan's plan was to bring Daredevil back to his gritty roots by placing the movie in 1970’s New York, when hookers and sex shops were as prevalent as Starbucks and Chipotles are now. Despite the period setting, the movie was still going to be an adaptation of “Born Again,” which focuses on the Kingpin meticulously destroying Daredevil’s personal life after discovering his secret identity.

Again, the studio was up against the clock, so instead of rushing the movie, it simply allowed the rights to expire back to Marvel. For Daredevil fans, witnessing two perfect directors like Slade and Carnahan slip away was heartbreaking. Even worse, a new Daredevil movie isn’t even on Marvel’s radar at the moment.