When Colorado legalized marijuana, many figured the state would be all about good, high times. They never considered that maybe, just maybe the cities would prohibit the sale of weed, regardless of whether or not it's legal. Colorado Springs is expected to vote against the presence of recreational marijuana stores today, and four of the nine City Council members have already said that they will vote against them. Furthermore, Mayor Steve Bach has said that he will veto the stores even if they are approved.

This leaves the City Council with two options: A flat out ban on recreational marjuana sales or a moratorium on licenses that the stores would need for operation. Where Bach is 100 percent opposed to the legal sale of marijuana in the city, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock—who's also against legal, recreational usesupports a two-year moratorium on marijuana shops, but bans on public consumption and marijuana clubs. 

Following the two-year moratorium, existing medical marijuana dispensaries would then have to apply for a license that would grant them permission to sell weed for medical and recreational purposes.

[via The Huffington Post]

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