We're not sure whether or not this counts as a spoiler because it seems like Vince Gilligan went through great lengths to hide it, but all the same: Charlie Rose will make a cameo on Breaking Bad, in the penultimate episode of the entire series. 

Rose let the news slip during during an interview with Gilligan at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens this past Sunday. According to The Huffington Post, Gilligan "lightly reprimanded" Rose for revealing the cameo appearance, but he did confirm that it was true. Rose also apologized for the reveal, but only after ensuring that "[his] check would still be in the mail."

Unfortunately, it's not clear who he'll be portraying, or if he'll just be appearing as himself on a news segment or something. But who else is really hoping he'll do background as a meth-addict in some scene, much like that time the drummer of Coldplay was randomly in the wedding band during Game of Thrones' red wedding episode? Television gold.

You can listen to Rose's whole interview with Gilligan over at The Huffington Post.

[via Huffington Post]