It was all good just two months ago. Well, almost.

Charles Ramsey, the hilariously blunt man who helped resuce Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus from the captivity of neighbor Ariel Castro, says he's broke and homeless. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Ramsey was as cut-and-dry as the media has known him to be. "I’m broke, bro," he said. That’s the truth."

According to Ramsey, his celebrity got him fired from his job because people kept coming up to him and shaking his hand at work. That's strange, because in May, Hodge's Cleveland tweeted about how "extremely proud" they were of him for his heroics. They certainly didn't mind the publiattention he generated, so this means people must have been visiting the restaurant for the sole purpose of congratulating Ramsey and not spending money. 

Ramey also claims that he moved out of his house on Seymour Avenue to escape unwanted attention. He now calls a hotel room home. The Daily Mail adds that even though Ramsey has made $50,000 since May, he's still broke. 

"Only a fool and his money parts. Money goes fast if you have bills," said Ramsey, who says the $8,000 he spent on a BMW was his biggest purchase. He insists that he didn't burn through his money irresponsibly. "I got a car, most humans do. We don’t like to walk or catch the bus, that’s what we do. Buy cars."

There have also been disputes about his involvement with the rescue of the three women. Angel Cordero says he was the one who opened the door after hearing Berry banging on it. Aurora Marti says she arrived on the scene first and that Cordero joined her. As for Ramsey, Marti, 75, says he didn't show up until Berry had escaped. The problem is that neither Cordero nor Marti speak English. When the media arrived, they say everyone flocked to Ramsey.

Despite the two-month rollercoaster ride, Ramsey said he wouldn't go back to his days of being semi-famous. "Of course not, no you wouldn’t, so going back as far as me being famous, of course I’m not gonna give that up." It's the sense of "normalcy" that he wants back. Good luck.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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