After the last two episodes made fans question whether or not MTV's Catfish had entered the “Happy Mary J. Blige” stage of its run (meaning it woul be unwatchable), the show returned to its roots: miserable people lying to each other in the name of lust masquerading as love.

On this week’s episode, we met Dorian, a country bumpkin obsessed with light skinned, racially ambiguous Instagram models. Although Dorian already had a “very serious girlfriend of seven months” whom he wore matching sneakers with, he was ready to lose it all over an Internet stranger. Thankfully, a selfish jerk like that didn’t get the happy ended up he wanted.

The natural order of Catfish hasn’t been restored completely, but at least we’re back on the right path. Now, let’s talk about what we learned. 

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick

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