The iconic Famicom. Nintendo's original game console.

The red and white powerhouse of the early game industry. A must play experience on your grandmother's TV, but what if you don't already own one? Why not get a thousand?

A seller on Yahoo! Auctions Japan is offering a lot of one thousand Famicoms. Containing 480 consoles in excellent condition, 420 consoles in good condition and 100 consoles that have yellow because of sun damage.

The Opening bid is US$76,000. Ouch, that works out to $76 bucks each, pretty steep considering you can pick one up on Ebay for under 70 dollars. But hey! Why not own a thousand? Make a couch out of them. Open a Famicom bar. Donate them to the Museum of Modern Art for the applied design exhibit.

Good decisions, all around. There is not much time left on this auction so get it while you can.

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[Via Kotaku]