With the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad set to begin airing in a mere twelve days, we've been wondering what the best strategy was to refresh our memories of what happened in the first half of this season that aired over a year ago. Watching that Comic-Con trailer which recapped all 54 episodes that have aired so far in about three minutes? Reading episode descriptions? Recaps? Fly to the UK or Ireland, where the first half of season five is already available to stream on Netflix? 

Well, worry no longer—according to Uproxx and a very eagle-eyed reader of theirs, Netflix is set to begin streaming the first half of season five this Friday, August 2. The info isn't available on the Netflix's Breaking Bad streaming page, but it's clearly stated on the DVD info page for the series:

This is great news! Not as great as the news that the UK and Ireland will be able to stream new episodes the day after they air in the US, but still—glass half full. 

Since there's an awful long wait between now and Friday, here are a few suggestions for how you can pass the time until then:

  • If you complete all of this by Friday, we'd like to meet you, because you are not human.

Breaking Bad's final eight episodes will begin airing on August 11.

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