Show: Justified (FX)
Date: 5/4/2011

Justifed has never quite recaptured the taut dramatic tension and clean structure it found in season two. While season four's central mystery was solved by many fans before the final episode and season three's plot had a few too many moving parts, the saga of Mags Bennet (Margot Martindale) was one of the best told television stories of recent years.

As the season drew to a close, we found ourselves back in Mags's house in a scenario that perfectly mirrored the beginning of her story. As the Bennett clan collapses around her, the writing on the wall for Mags came into full view. Looking back on it, the events of the season felt like a perfectly arrayed set of dominoes, but Martindale's performance and the tragic circumstances of the character left us unwilling to accept her fate until the last moment. Spoiling fans had a rare reaction on Twitter that night that speaks to the power of Martindale's performance: they expressed their grief at the loss of the character, but admitted that her story came to a timely and appropriate end.