Apparently, no one on the currently ongoing season of CBS' Big Brother knows the phrase the title references. At this time, three contestants have landed themselves in hot water thanks to comments they were caught making on the after-hours feed on the network's website.

First there was Aaryn Gries, a model since dropped from her agency after she referred to a gay fellow contestant as a queer, told the Asian-American cast member to "shut up and go make some rice" and later said "Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that bitch," re: black house guest Candice. In similar fashion, pageant coordinator GinaMarie Zimmerman was let go after dubbing welfare, "nigger insurance."

The latest to exhibit zero chill is Spence Clawson who, in addition to uttering slurs similar to GinaMarie and Aaryn's, called Hitler a "gifted speaker." Ok then.

CBS has issued the perfunctory statement confirming that they definitely do not agree with such prejudiced views. It reeks of manufactured controversy in a bid to draw attention, but it's worth noting that this is only the second season a contestant (or three) has actually been fired over on-air remarks.

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[via TVGuide]