Stevie J may make questionable decisions when it comes to relationships, but we have to admit: It’s impossible to hate on him when he's just so damn entertaining.

For instance, there’s no question that he’s been an asshole playing both Mimi and Joseline, but then he goes and does something like wear a T-shirt that reads “I AM GOD” to a therapy session with the two of them. How can you not love that? Or how about that time he found out Nikko gave Mimi a Rolex watch, and he decided he just had to one-up him, so he went ahead and gave Mimi a brand new BMW? Amazing. That's how reality television should be done.

Plus, he’s talented. A three-time Grammy award-winning songwriter, producer, and musician, Stevie used to be an in-house producer for Diddy’s Bad Boy enterprise, where he worked with some of the biggest names in the game. Currently, he’s part of a band he formed with Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta cohort Benzino called The Magnificent 757s.