One of the reasons Catfish: The TV Show works so well is the flawless chemistry between co-stars Nev Schulman and Max Joseph.

Nev, as we mentioned, is the heart of Catfish because of his capacity for sympathy, and Max is the cynical realist on hand to keep things grounded. He wear

Max doesn’t even hold back in front of the people seeking their help—in the pilot episode, for instance, Nev and Max are speaking with a girl named Sunny who believes she's bagged herself a hot model guy online. She proceeds to tout his intelligence by telling them that he’s in school studying to be an anesthesiologist. He’s taking classes online. Nev says nothing about how this would be impossible to do, but Max sure does, giving her a look that undoubtedly says, “How dumb could you possibly be?” Gotta respect the honesty.