Though it’s clear that a large amount of the dialogue on this Toronto-based show is scripted, we can’t help but find it addicting. One of the main reasons? Home designer Hilary Farr, a regular on the series alongside realtor David Visentin.

If you’ve never seen the show, here’s a basic rundown of the episode structure: In the beginning of each episode, we’re introduced to a couple who is toying with the idea of moving into a bigger home. Visentin shows them a few vacant properties in their price range that offer them the space and/or features they desire, while Farr works on completely renovating their entire home from top to bottom in an effort to give them everything that they’re looking for in the same space they’re ready to run from. The couple then has to decide whether or not to move into one of the new spaces, or stay in their current home, with its new, elevated value. As the title says: Love it or list it.

While David Visentin's job is undeniably difficult—catering to the demands of clients who have unrealistic expectations—Hilary Farr, bless her heart, manages to nearly always knock his potential home options out of the park with her renovations. There may be no drama, catfights, or drunken shenanigans on this reality series, but there is real talent, and for that we’ve gotta show love.