Bravo’s real estate-themed Million Dollar Listing New York is the best reality series you’re not watching this year. At first glance, it looks like it belongs on HGTV along with shows like House Hunters, but give it a chance and you'll see that there's enough entertainment here to warrant a time slot on network TV. This is mostly because of Fredrik Eklund, a natural star.

He’s a successful broker in NYC—so successful, he says, that he sold over a billion dollars worth of property last year—but that’s not all. He’s also starred in numerous gay pornographic films, where he went by the name of Tag Eriksson. Later, he wrote a book about the adult film industry that was a bestseller in his native Sweden, so he’s an accomplished writer, too. He is a renaissance man for our times.

One of the best things about Fredrik is that he doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s done gay porn in the past. He knows that people will find out, and opts to embrace his hardcore past.

Take this scene, for example, involving Ryan and Fredrik both speaking to a potential client who's interested in putting her apartment on the market. Ryan, in an effort to persuade her to be his client and put Fredrik down, tells her that Fredrik used to do gay porn. She’s shocked, but Fredrik immediately tells her that it’s true, and then proceeds to continue to talk about how he sold $1 billion in property last year, compared to Ryan’s $100 million. “In order to be successful in New York City, which is a cutthroat business, you have to sell yourself,” he tells the camera, as he gives the woman his card. Can’t hate the guy for playing the game—respect is due.