Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. If your lady gives you the go-ahead to swing by her hotel room, say yes before she has the chance to change her mind.  Remember, tourists are travelling to another country, so they have more money than you. It is likely that this hotel room is going to come with some some perks. If your girl is simply the daughter of prime minister, this will mean some scented soaps and a stocked mini-bar. If her father is an oil baron or defense contractor, then you've hit the jackpot. She might be staying in a room with a private waterfall or sand in the bathroom instead of tile. Who knows what wonders await you as a rich young woman's temporary kept man? There's only one way to find out.

Beware: young women often travel in groups and stay two or more to a room, and threesomes only happen to people who aren't you. if you want to insure that your night goes off without a hitch, enlist that one straight male friend you have who lives in Manhattan as wing man for the evening. Call in whatever favors you need to in order to make sure that he'll take her friend back to his cramped, roach-infested studio while you and your girl order room service on her dad's expense account.