We don't need to tell you that going into the bowels of Central Park after hours can be risky business. Don't worry, there are plenty of trees and bushes right off of the roads for you to duck into, so you won't have to go into dark heart of the park. Once you've taken your lady on a romantic carriage ride, well, once you've settled for a pedi-cab ride because it is far cheaper, the lights from the skyscrapers and the endless horn honking from the taxis will put you in the mood to get natural. Take your lady's hand and lead her into the tree-line right off of one of the park entrances and become one with man-made nature. Many areas of the park have high stone fences to provide extra protection from prying eyes, so don't be afraid to get a little freaky. Your lady will likely be grateful for the experience; since she elected to come to a metropolis rather than experience America's natural splendor, this will be the closest thing to wilderness she experiences during her travels.