Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Screenwriter: Paul Thomas Anderson

There's something horrible inside oil man Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), the star of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. He's as calculating but unpredictible; ultimately, he's not as in control of his emotions as his well groomed moustache suggests.

By the film's end, he's succumbed completely to this misanthropy, has rejected the child he raised as his son, is living like a recluse in a giant mansion. He's visited by Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), the disingenuous preacher. Eli wants money, thinks there might be something left from the oil reserve his brother discovered. After explaining to Eli that there's nothing—his oil reserves have been drained like drinks—Daniel uses a bowling pin—a toy of his wealth—to kill his old rival in a basement bowling alley straight out of Kubrick.

When he finally claims over his shoulder, "I'm finished," it is not without some boredom, as if he has swallowed the last bit of steak. GT