Director: Wes Anderson
Screenwriter: Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson

In Wes Anderson's breakthrough smash Rushmore, Max Fischer's (Jason Schwartzman) eventful career at the titular private school has left him with a fearlessness and determination to do just about anything. This same confidence has also helped to wear down almost every relationship in his life.

By the film's end, Max is going to use his new play—kid has a lot of hobbies—to address some of his past cruelties. During the party after the premiere, he connects all the key characters from the movie. He gets chose by his co-star Margaret Yang (Sara Tanaka), and finally introduces everyone to his father, the barber (not the brain surgeon). But it isn't until he begins to dance with Ms. Cross (Olivia Williams), the teacher he's crushed on, and Faces come on over the school's sound system, that you, the viewer, understands how much he's grown up. GT