Director: Roman Polanski
Screenwriter: Roman Polanski

One of the creepiest movie ever made, Rosemary's Baby is ultimately about the distinction between inside and out. Young wife and expectant mother Rosemary Woodhouse's (Mia Farrow) torture in her high-rise apartment is about the loss of barriers, both physical—the paper-thin stage walls of her bedroom, from behind which the neighbors listen and plot—and social—her role as a wife, mother, and woman. Is she the victim of a coven of witches? Is her pregnancy really abnormal? Is everyone lying to her?

In the final moments, everything comes crashing together. From the moment Rosemary enters the secret passage in her own apartment into the coven, nothing is familiar. She finds her baby, but something's wrong with its eyes. She's terrified. Polanski could've ended the film on this high note, but he lets the camera linger in the den of evil. Slowly, Rosemary is manipulated into playing the mother to this child of Satan. The witches have really won, now. Rosemary is a new mother, hollowed out, smiling, changed. GT