Director: Stanley Kubrick
Screenwriter: Stanley Kubrick, Terry Southern, and Peter George

Stanley Kubrick's detour into gut-busting comedy provided what is arguably the greatest satire ever. Kubrick's spoof on Cold War era paranoia kicks off when a mad American general sends an atomic bomb to Russia, unwittingly activating a doomsday device that spells the end of the world.

After U.S. Major T. J. Kong rides the phallic-like bomb as if he were a cowboy (America's hero obsession killing us all), the film concludes with politicians and scientists gathered in a war room debating who should survive the apocalypse in underground bunkers. Their selection process (borrowing a bit from Nazi politics) is based on who might give these men an erection. But it doesn't take long for this collaborative survival effort to fall apart because of the still lingering communist paranoia.

The finale is pure hilarity but it pivots on a dark truth, depicting nations run into the ground by feeble men who can only think with their cocks and their weapons. The final montage of nuclear explosions is the result of such men blowing their load. —Rad S.