Director: Nicolas Roeg
Screenwriter: Allan Scott and Chris Bryant

The twist in Nicolas Roeg's hypnotic Don't Look Now isn't so much shocking as it is really friggin' weird.

In Venice with his wife, Laura (Julie Christie), John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) repeatedly sees a mysterious figure lurking around back alleys. The red coat it wears matches the one worn by his daughter on the day she died. Has her spirit returned? John is skeptical, but Laura believes she's somewhere wandering the city.

Determined to get to the bottom of this by film's end, John follows the red figure up a tower's staircase and into a belfry...

Where he discovers that it's actually an old dwarf, the same nut-job who's committed a series of local killings discussed on various news reports throughout John's stay. Before he can even scream, the miniature butcher pulls a large knife from her coat pocket and jams it into Baxter's throat. Turns out these weird premonitions he's been having the entire time he's been in Venice have been about this own death. —MB