Neighborhood: Midtown West, Upper East Side, Financial District (Taqueria)
Address: 251 West 50th St.; 83 Maiden Ln.; 166 E 82nd St.
Price: $13 (for two tacos)

Amidst the frenzy of Times Square, Chef Julian Medina's restaurant is nothing less than a diamond in the rough. Or, if you will, a taco in the chaos. Their baja-style tacos are built with tender slips of tilapia soaked in a batter so light and airy, you can hardly believe it was fried at all. A sizeable splat of guacamole and a subtly sweet tamarind salsa fastens the fish to to a thin, homemade corn tortilla. A zesty jicama slaw with a hint of lime provides the perfect balance of citrus and heat. Yes, the cost of these two impeccable tacos stings at first, but while your mind unconvinced of their value, your mouth is entirely certain it was shekels well spent.