We're in a new golden age of television. If you ignore the reality show craze—we cannot entertain the issues Kim Kardashian is facing, OK?—that's, thankfully, dying down you'll see that the shows airing now are the new classics. It's only a matter of time before people start placing 30 Rock on the same pedestal as The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Parks and Recreation with I Love Lucy.

What unites all of these shows, beyond great writing, is the uniform excellence of the actors involved. Seriously, look at the casts of all-stars assembled. (No, really—click and look.) We could write essays about each of these characters, and the fame the actors well deserve, but we've got other deadlines and you're probably saving your Adderall for something important, so we'll just give it to you rapid style. Go. 

These are the 25 Best Comedy All-Star Casts in TV History.