Aubrey Plaza as Daria Morgendorffer in a live-action Daria film is sort of an Internet pipe dream, so we have to give major kudos to CollegeHumor for pulling this one off: It's not a full length movie, or even a short film, but these two minutes of Plaza portraying the intelligent, sarcastic, monotone '90s heroine is everything we've ever hoped it would be and more.

Add in impressive performances from Kassia Miller as her BFF Jane, and from Kendra Bates as her sister Quinn, and you've got this solid video that should absolutely be a stepping stone to a Daria feature film. Even the concept—Daria returning to Lawndale at the behest of her sister for their ten-year high school reunion—is flawless, and not forced one bit.

The Internet was able to get Samuel L. Jackson to star in a full length film about poisonous snakes infesting a plane, so why not Aubrey Plaza in a Daria movie? Get started, guys. And watch the clip above.

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[via CollegeHumor]