If you’ve seen Master and Commander, you’re aware that the deliberately-paced, artfully executed galleon naval warfare that was common military action in the 18th century was a carefully constructed dance of strategy and battlefield prowess. To swing one of these vessels around took time, meaning you’d have to really know how your vessel’s particulars, not to mention how to use water and wind to your advantage, in order to gain the upper hand in a side-to-side cannonade confrontation.

In short, “accurate” naval battling in a game would be left to a niche period naval sailing simulation. Assassin’s Creed? Edward Kenway’s Jackdaw is an upgradable, streamlined battleship with arcing cannons. Like if A General History of the Pyrates were an arcade game.

The Video also shows off how Kenway can go treasure hunting with pictorial clues like Red Dead Redemption. Ah, videogames.

At the very least it seems we’re getting some good historical attention to detail. Pass the grog.

Via Youtube