Let today be known as the day all our dreams were made a tentative reality: According to Variety, Netflix and producers are having "conversations" about renewing Arrested Development for a fifth season, which we can imagine probably involve them both reveling in their own success over celebratory mayoneggs and laughing at Fox for making the huge mistake of canceling the series in the first place. 

"Sources close to the situation" are apparently stressing that the aformentioned conversations are in no way real negotiations, but it's a good sign for a series that just two years ago seemed completely dead. Season four may have received mixed reviews upon its premiere, which led to a quick 6% drop in Netflix's stock (let's be fair, the first few episodes weren't all that)—but the online streaming service seems to remain fully behind the show, possibly indicating that audience numbers are strong. The publicity alone is worth it.

Both sides also reportedly expect they'll come to some agreement for a renewal eventually—the only real issues are the busy schedules of the cast, as they're all under contracts for other projects, but production may just be pushed to next summer in an effort to accomodate that. It's fine! We can wait. We waited seven years before, what's another? 

Now, let's all celebrate with a jaunty tune from "baby faced singer"/G.O.B.'s former BFF, Mark Cherry (no we absolutely do not mean Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, go home).

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