Anna Kendrick rules over the world wide web, otherwise known as House Kendrick. Her tweets are sharpened with such wit that they can cut into the cleverest. She fires away such perfect interview answers that the second she says anything, the quotes have already been captioned on a meme. And she does these things while making faces that are kinda weird but also really cute. GIF makers can't help but put them on loop.

Really, the Drinking Buddies actress just knows how the Internet works, man, and she's killing everything. Those of us who spend more time looking at a computer or an iPhone screen than looking at Mother Nature's miraculous beauty, or whatever, know this well and love her for it. 

If you're one of those stuffy types who haven't had the time to scroll through the Anna Kendrick sub-Reddit, then we're here to convert you: Anna Kendrick Memes That Will Make You Fall in Love with Her. (And yes, it includes one of her many Game of Thrones references.)

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