Apple's modern day reign all started with the iPod back in 2001. Now, 12 years later, Apple's other device is set to eclipse the iPod's all-time sales—and there won't be any looking back.

It's about to happen soon: in March, the sales of the devices totaled 356 million for the iPhone and 375 million for the iPod. Current estimates set iPhone sales during the June quarter at between 26.7 and 28 million. So, depending on how many iPod's were sold in between that time—it isn't likely to have sold as many—the iPhone is only about 10 million away from passing its younger brother. Last quarter, Apple only sold about 5 million iPods, so that should stay about steady until the holiday season. 

We'll find out July 23 when Apple releases its third quarter earnings. Do you have an iPod laying around still?

[via iDownload]