It looks like Aliens: Colonial Marines, the controversial and universally panned crapfest, is set to get its first Downloadable Content (DLC) update called Stasis Interrupted as leaked in a list of trophies.

This will be the first downloadble content available to the game that would expand its single-player mode and the final piece of DLC that makes up the Colonial Marines Season Pass. The title has yet to be announced, but leaked trophies suggest the DLC announcement is incoming.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was a much-hyped licensed Aliens title that seemed to have everything going for it, yet turned out to be incredibly underwhelming. The on-rails storyline never lets players feel completely immersed and the gameplay feels exactly like a Gears of War with Aliens mod.

Sega, the publisher and Gearbox Software are currently the defendants in a lawsuit claiming the two companies falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines in trade shows with unrepresentative demonstrations.

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[Via Eurogamer]