Is Alec Baldwin the next in a growing list of celebrities this year to lose a high-profile spokesman gig? If gay and straight activists get their way, he'll go the way of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Paula Deen before him. 

They're reacting of course to his homophobic tinged all-out assault on reporter George Stark, the man who accused Alec's wife Hilaria of tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral. Baldwin tweeted to Stark that he'd put his foot up Stark's ass "but I'm sure you'd dig it too much." The spirit of Jack Donaghy lives on in lieu of cancellation, apparently.

He's since deleted the tweets and apologized to GLAAD of course, but gay rights figures like Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud co-founder, and John Hawkins of want him to bear the same fallout as the likes of Paula Deen, calling for Capital One to cut ties. "...It’s hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman,” Hawkins told “If Capital One is not going to do the right thing, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”

We've seen companies buckle under the pitchforks and cut celebrity spokespeople already a handful of times this year alone. It's quite possible that by the end of the month Alec's wallet will be a little bit lighter.

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[via FoxNews]