With all due respect to the cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlantawhom this writer devotes every Monday night to, do y’all not watch this damn show with us? Are you not aware of mistakes made by yourselves and your co-workers? It never dawned on some of you to watch the other act up and conclude, “Yeah, I can’t go out like that?” 

We wanted to reach through the television on several occasions yesterday and shake the guilty parties’ tables while shouting, “What is wrong with you and why don’t you get it yet?” That question specifically goes out to the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline, who became the Mary Kate to Mimi Faust’s Ashley Olsen when it comes to doing the most for a man who gives you the least amount of reasons to. Likewise, Scrappy, who like Kevin McCallister, has clearly been left behind once or thrice and has never recovered. There’s more blame to go around, though. Enter Karlie Redd, who is the reason why the adage “bless her heart” will never go out of style.

So many bad decisions in one hour, we can only imagine the kind of night this show’s editor had putting this episode together. And with that, onto the lessons from last night’s show.

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Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick

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