"You know what? We get up to some wacky hi-jinx in this apartment. We should write down the crazy things that happen to us and make a web series."

Every writer, comic, improviser, and filmmaker has had this idea at one point or another now that the rise of DSLRs has made it possible for all of us to create a web series in our living rooms for all of our friends to ignore while they ask us to watch their web series set in a kitchen. If you have a project that includes the phrases "three (or more) roommates" and "in an apartment" in the elevator pitch, then we are going to have a problem. By "we" I mean "you," and the problem I'm referring to is that no one is going to give you money to make that. The whole point of making a web series in your apartment is that it costs virtually no money. As such, it can act as a proving ground for more ambitious future projects. So, why are you asking me for money?

Rather than continue ranting about the living room-centric web series, I'll just let you take a look at this "Web Series About Roommates Making a Web Series About Living in New York," which visually illustrates the problems of this far too popular subgenre.