The Internet had a field day mocking Zosia Mamet's Kickstarter a month and a half ago, and I'm not here to pile on. Zosia, without you, I would hate every single girl on Girls: I've got no hate for you. It's just hard for me to look at someone who is already connected and say, "you know what, they need my help." The nepotism argument surrounding the cast of Girls and anyone else who was spawned from a star these days is a little bit ridiculous. We don't flip our shit when the son of a plumber becomes a plumber and that happens all the time. I just can't see my way clear to opening up my checkbook for someone who already has a leg up on the rest of us. It's hard for me to buy that some of that cash from Girls couldn't have covered a music video, but I refuse to believe that Big Daddy Dave couldn't have peeled off some Glenngary Glen Ross royalties for his girls. This is one of very few instances where the Internet seems to agree with me, since not only did the project fail, but the poor Cabin Sisters got dragged across the hot digital coals of the blogosphere.