One Kickstarter per calendar year: that's all I can allow. If your next Kickstarter is in a different art form than the one you were trumpeting a few months ago, then you'd best wait forever before you ask me to donate to it. To my mind, not only am I Kickstarting your project, I'm Kickstarting your career. If you finish your product, it crashes and burns in the marketplace, and you come around begging again, what do you expect me to do? There are artists out there who can successfully pull off more than one crowdfunding campaign. These people have fan bases that love the off-kilter, outside the box work of that artist and want to support it because it ignores commercial concerns. If you're a serial crowdfunder begging me for money on Facebook or via emaill, odds are I am not the dedicated fan you're looking for. Be very careful before you ask the world to donate to your crowdfunding effort. You probably only have one shot to get it right.