The Internet has put the entire world at your fingertips. This has been great for getting up-to-date news, collaborating across geographic boundaries, and opening up the dialogue on all manner of issues. That being said, it has led to some really weird stuff. In the darkest corners of the Internet, you can find anything that might be creeping in the furthest reaches of your mind accompanied by a message board frequented by a group of people who have had the same thoughts. There are communities online that give credence to ridiculous conspiracy theories, glamorize strange fetishes, and even fight for things that are just plain wrong.

Hey, we're not here to judge: we live in a free country where you have the right to let your freak flag fly. But, let's just say that there are some search engine results that make us wish we could pass judgement on our digital peers. Prepare to take a journey with us into the depths of the World Wide Web. Get ready to witness online horrors that you never thought you would see. Behold the Internet's heart of darkness: 20 Internet Communities That You Can't Unsee.