A common move by well-known figures in a field is to pitch an "internship" that is really just an unpaid personal assistant job. The horror stories resulting from this practice have been well documented, but that doesn't mean they haven't continued.  Before you get too elated that your favorite Pulitzer Prize winning author or rock star photographer has opted to bring you on as an intern, consider the situation. If you are working for only one person, you aren't going to meet many meaningful contacts in your field. Though you may be their assistant in the studio, when you accompany them on gigs, whether it be a concert or a shoot, you won't have anything to do except remain at their beck and call. There have been stories of unpaid assistants launching their careers under benevolent mentors, but there are far more stories of bright-eyed co-eds frittering away a year picking up dry cleaning and enduring sexual harassment to end up right back where they started.