Who did it: Capcom

Capcom is one of the greatest third-party companies of all time. Nobody will dispute that. Street Fighter, Mega Man (poor Mega Man), Ghost and Goblins-these classics are enduring for a reason.

Yes, their games are amazing. It's just their busines practices that many people have a problem with, namely their recent debacle with fans. DLC that's already on the disc you've just bought. Now, the whole point of DLC is to add content that doesn't come with your initial gaming experience.

It's something extra that comes after you've already played the game, if you choose. So when it was discovered that Capcom had DLC in mind for Street Fighter X Tekken, but that it was already on the disc YOU ALREADY BOUGHT, people had a right to get angry. And they did. Many fans used this mistake as yet another reason to rail on Capcom. It looked like another money-grubbing scheme from the company that put out like a million iterations of Street Fighter II.

Since then, Capcom has tried to make good with fans by releasing Street Fighter X Mega Man for free. It was a step in the right direction, for sure. But the company still has a long ways to go with gamers. A long way, indeed.