There is a nearly endless list of transgressions that we will take with us to our graves; guilty pleasures both great and small, that we are more than fine with nobody knowing a thing about.

Our love of Josh Grobin, the fact that we enjoyed the third season of Lost, defending M. Night Shymalan, the list of things that could solidly be classified as guilty pleasures could continue unbroken. And then there are the games. Games that are either critically, or technically, flawed, and yet we still keep coming back to suckle on the teat of pleasure spiked with guilt. Games that run the gamut from mildly embarassing to 'please don't tell anyone I was here'.

But, we love them all the same and we should be proud of how we spend our hours. Read on for 10 Solidly Guiltly Pleasure Video Games You'd Never Admit to Playing.

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