Yahoo is trying to purchase the "social email" startup, Xobni (that's 'inbox', backwards), for a reported $30-40 million, and for good reason.

Xobni makes automated profiles of each email contact you have, and lines them up with their correspondence history and social network data, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Skype. In other words, if Yahoo is able to pick them up, it would make Yahoo Mail a lot better than it is now. Xobni is already available for Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and Gmail, but the purchase would make it exclusive to Yahoo.  

Also, Yahoo's co-founder, David Filo, has worked with Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte before: Bonforte was a vice president of social research at Yahoo.

But, is this just becoming ridiculous? Is Yahoo making good moves, or should they stop waving their wallet around everywhere they go?

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[via AllThingsD]