Brad Pitt, action movie star? In two weeks, that's exactly what one of Hollywood's best actors will become, thanks to Paramount Pictures' huge summer tentpole flick World War Z. Based on Max Brooks' exceptional 2006 novel (which, if you haven't yet, you should read immediately), the Marc Forster-directed film finds Pitt playing a United Nations employee on a globe-trotting mission to contain a sudden, catastrophic, hordes-of-infected-baddies pandemic before, you know, the apocalypse sets in and it's game over for the entire world.

In these exclusive new World War Z pics, it's clear that Pitt's ready for battle (see above: that ax in his hand and what appears to be blood splashed on his face), armed with a makeshift bayonet in one and surrounded by several casualties in another.

Can Brad Pitt help mankind overcome legions of supercharged, seemingly unstoppable ghouls? Does World War Z have what it takes to become one of this summer's best thrill rides? All questions will be answered when the film opens nationwide on June 21.

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