United States Navy serviceman Jay Johnson has been serving abroad in the armed forces for last eight years. 

In the last two and a half years he has either been deployed or detached for a total of 18 months and has taken to gaming blog Gamasutra to deride the Microsoft's Xbox One once a day online check in as a policy that has ”single-handedly alienated” the service men and women serving around the world.

Johnson goes on to outline his disappointment in the Xbox One at length.

“The single greatest sin Microsoft has committed against all service members is their surprising decision to require the Xbox One to receive a message from the “mother ship” every 24 hours. The reason that I am so infuriated about it is that I, and my brothers and sisters in arms, will not ever be able to play Xbox One when deployed or on detachment."

Johnson goes on to charge Microsoft with marginalizing a massive core demographic that supported their console.

“No longer will the sounds of Master Chief saving the human race echo through the hallowed halls of the USS Abraham Lincoln, or any other USS Ship, when we have a few hours respite. No longer will you see Marcus and Dom sawing through the Locust Horde at the bases in Afghanistan after the Marines have returned from patrol and want to escape their reality for a bit."

“Those days are now firmly behind us. Microsoft has single-handedly alienated the entire military, and not just the U.S. military, the militaries of the entire world.”

Wow. While treating the results and reveals of E3 into what can charitably be defined as professional wrestling for the indoor kids, sometimes perspective gets tossed by the way side. Sure, people love having a team to get behind: The Yankees, Mad Men, Olive Garden, Sony. Whatever.

It's all just a way for people to identify collectively with something that they can prescribe value upon. It's fun and we all do it in some way, but sometimes we may forget how the results of these decisions made be corporations and franchises come with very tangible real world consequences. Often times leaving people peering through the window, and having to watch that pay-per-view WWE match in the reflection made by the television from the outside.

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