An innocent trip to the store turned into a night behind bars for a University of Virginia student in April. Elizabeth Daly had purchased ice cream, cookie dough and sparkling water when she and her two roommates were accosted by a group dressed in plainclothes. They were terrified when one jumped on the hood of her car and another brandished a gun. Daly did what post people would do in this situation: she sped off.

As it turns out, the group who approached Daly and her roommates were Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control officers. Apparently, they thought the LaCroix sparkling water that the 20-year-old Daly purchased was a 12-pack of beer. It was quite the egregious mistake.

Daly says the officers shoved "unidentifiable badges" in the faces of her and her friends, but they were suspicious (and afraid) because they were dressed in plainclothes and screaming. When she drove out of the parking lot to call 911 and report the incident, another Alcoholic Beverage Control officer pulled the car over in an official vehicle. Daily was arrested and charged with three felonies, the most severe of which was assaulting an officer.

The charges have since been dropped, but the district attorney is sticking to its guns and supporting the officers actions. Anyone else smell a lawsuit coming?

[via Gawker]