A few years back, Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone, advised an up and coming startup called Fluther, a Q&A styled website similar to Cha-Cha and Quora. 

Back then, Fluther was bringing in 500,000 monthly visitors and raised $600,000 from Silicon Valley investors. Now, it seems, Stone is taking the Q&A platform ideas he gathered from Fluther and is turning it into his own Q&A start-up for mobile devices, called Jelly. "Jelly will be for everybody," Stone says. "It will be developed first and foremost for mobile devices, and it will be free." 

Yet, it's not only similar in concept to Fluther, but also in its logo. Fluther's logo is a jellyfish with glasses, and Jelly's is a jellyfish without eyes (above pic). "We are inspired by this particular animal because neurologically, its brain is more 'we' than 'me.'" Stone says in a blog post about Jelly. "Also, for the past 700 million years, this decentralized structure has been wildly successful." 

Twitter acquired Fluther in 2010, so Jelly may essentially be Fluther 2.0. Though Stone has announced Jelly won't be ready for awhile, all we have to do is visit the Fluther site, imagine it with Twitter's efficient system and minimalistic style, and we may finally have something to replace that junkyard we call Yahoo Answers.

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[via The Verge]