Through Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, we learned that tensions rise with the temperature. This past weekend, 25 people were shot over a 48-hour period in New York City; among them were a teenager who was protecting a baby and an 11-year-old who was left paralyzed. Six of the victims succumbed to their injuries. 

Over half of the shootings14 to be exacttook place between Friday night and Saturday. According to the New York Daily News, this weekend's violence accounts for 5 percent of the year's 440 shootings. Those who lost their lives include 39-year-old Damion Riley, 25-year-old Damien Powell, 24-year-old Terrance Davis and 23-year-old Antonio Wilson. The sixth victim's name has yet to be released.

Sarah Rivera, 15, was shot in the leg as she pushed a stroller away from gunfire in the Bronx. In Brooklyn, a stray bullet left Tayloni Mayzick paralyzed after it struck her spine. 

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