Date: 6/7/2013

At yet another pretrial hearing, voice experts provide testimony about whether or not the screams heard on the 911 call belong to George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin. Alan Reich's analysis of the call returns words previously undetected by other experts, including "I'm begging you" from Martin and "This shall be" by Zimmerman. Reich, who said he spent "hundreds" of hours listening to the tape, says the screams belong to Trayvon Martin, but also refers to his discovery as "tentative."

Tom Owen, hired last year by the Orlando Sentinel to compare a voice sample from Zimmerman with the screams captured on tape, also testifies that Zimmerman's voice does not match what's heard on the recordings. However, he notes that the sample wasn't long enough to conduct a proper test because of the particulars of the software. He was forced to loop the sample over and over again to perform the analysis. This comes a day after FBI analyst Hirotaka Nakasone testified that it was essentially impossible to determine whose screams were heard on the tape.