Drugs have always played a major and controversial part in video game history.

From the arcade cabinet NARC where bad guys dropped sacks of the white stuff leading you to the big drug-dealing boss, to people denouncing Pac-Man as a pill popping DMT freak. Sometimes games can successfully show the moral struggle of a character dealing with addiction, but more often than not, like in Fallout 3, characters can just get jacked up and go on murder sprees.

Here’s the top 20 drugs that might not be so bad to see in the real world as they mostly pipe dreams. Some of them might even be helpful like Narc, which relieves the fear of space travel or Gysahl Green which help your Chocobos run faster but others less so. Chop up a line of Moon Sugar and read on for The Most Interesting Video Game Drugs We Wish Were Real.

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