Sushi Yasuda (204 East 3rd St.), a Japanese restaurant located in Midtown, has made the bold move to do away with tips. Their reasoning? Because that's how it is in Japan. Speaking with the New York Times, co-owner Scott Rosenberg said "The reason we did it that way was because in Japan, that’s how it’s done."

This doesn't mean that 15 percent is vanishing into this air—it's actually being tacked onto your bill as an extra service charge. The bill also features a line that says "Sushi Yasuda's service staff are fully compensated by their salary." Rosenberg says that severs have always been paid a salary, and they receive pretty sweet benefits like paid sick days and vacation time.

The best news of all (for the restaurant) is that customers accept the new policy and business hasn't tapered off.

[via Gawker and New York Times]