You may not have the time and energy to look as sharp as the dapper gentlemen pictured above, but even the schlubbiest among you will start to dress cooler after the style peer-pressure of the city takes hold. If you ever hope to compete for dates with the sharply dressed gentlemen of the big city, you're going to at least have to trade in the ratty college t-shirt for a slimming v-neck, get rid of those Kohl's jeans, and grab some pants that actually fit.

It's a slippery slope from there, of course. Some of your friends will start shopping at J. Crew, then they'll begin frequenting sample sales, and before you know it, they'll have their own menswear blog. We're not asking you to go that far, but at least invest in some shirts that are absent of stains and sexual puns. You'll thank us later.