Say goodbye to breakfast. You'll never be up early enough to have that meal again, and if you are, you'll be so groggy that the best you'll be able to do is slowly shoving a bagel down your throat as you curse your boss for making you get up before 9 am. On those rare days when you have a free morning, you will brunch. For the uninitiated, brunch is basically breakfast, but with mimosas, and it lasts until 5 pm. How can a meal last up to six hours? We're not exactly sure. Brunch feels like a time warp: hours pass and you're somehow just finishing your Eggs Benedict and two of your friends still haven't had an opportunity to complain about their jobs. Be sure to make reservations before you try your first group brunch. Everyone else is planning on getting the most out of their bottomless mimosas, and won't be leaving anytime soon.