Year: 1998
System: PS One, PC

Abe’s Exoddus continues the story of the titular Abe, a member of the Mudokon race that’s being exploited as slave labor and used to make a brewed beverage by the totalitarian Glukkons. Exoddus plays similarly to its predecessor, with Abe using his wits to run, sneak and otherwise bypass heavily guarded areas under Glukkon control to free his friends; a puzzle-platformer in the vein of Flashback (but with a hefty does of humor) Exoddus also introduced behavorial AI to Abe’s NPC friends, meaning more multi-layered puzzles. Although Just Add Water is currently hard at work on an HD remake of the original Abe’s Oddysey, Exoddus’s cleaner, better quality visuals and more interesting gameplay make this one the preferred entry, for now.