The 25 Most Damaged Kids On TV

12. Sally Draper

Portrayed by: Kiernan Shipka
Series: Mad Men
What's her damage: The most devastating TV moment in 2013 didn’t happen on Game of Thrones. Instead of a wedding in Westeros, it was a high rise in Manhattan, in an apartment Sally Draper shouldn’t have been in, and one her dad really shouldn’t have been in.

We’ve watched Don do a lot of reprehensible things, sometimes including being a negligent father, but in lieu of that he remained a hero in his kids’ eyes, especially Sally's. Now, with a father she’s lost faith in and a mother she’s been in constant combat with since adolescence, Sally’s chosen boarding school to escape from all the lies, and sordidness, and Grandma Ida. We can’t blame her but damn, it was kind of depressing to see her consorting with the 1968 Regina George. At least she'll always have Glen. 

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